Looking to buy an existing business, expanding your current one, or considering how to improve its results? Here are a few examples of how The Panhandle Group’s business consulting has met the needs of other business owners and increased cash flow and bottom line.

Business Consulting in Northwest Florida

Manufacturer Looking to Expand

Jerry Walters and his business, Ink-Trax, are a successful screen-printing company who, due to an expiring lease, were looking for expanded facilities. Doug worked with Jerry, toured numerous sites, worked on budget forecasts and remodeling plans to determine which potential site would best fit Jerry and Ink-Trax goals.

Ultimately, listening to Jerry’s love of “old-school” architecture and space needs, we were able to help him secure the purchase and financing of the Old Coca-Cola bottling plant in Downtown Panama City. Once in the new plant Doug continued working with Jerry and his team determining whether new shop software and equipment were needed. The increased plant space and efficiencies achieved with the new software and modernized equipment have seen Ink-Trax sales double over the last five-years.

Financing a Growing Start-up Business

Bill Lewis and Paula Visco began their business with a severance package, start-up loans from friends and family, a raided personal retirement account, and a dream. Doug saw their vision, Robotics Fabrication, Inc., and helped secure financing for their equipment needs and a line of credit to meet short-term cash flow needs. As the business continued to grow, Doug took the time to understand the business cycle and help structure their equipment loans to help meet, not only their current needs, but anticipate future requests and cash flow needs.

With extensive banking connections, a thorough understanding of cash flow analysis, a law degree and background in business and estate planning The Panhandle Group has the tools to help maximize the potential in your business!